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The Birds of Mt Barney

Bird-watching at Mt Barney National Park

All year round, birds flock to Mt Barney Lodge to experience the bountiful provisions ideal for feeding, nesting and socialising. Particular areas within the property are left ungroomed, so that small birds can find refuge within the long grasses.

Fencing off of cattle from the property has allowed bank stabilisation of the creek banks to occur, and this provides a home to nesting Spotted Pardalotes, and the fresh bubbling creek (flowing from Mt Barney) allows an ideal place for birds to drink, bathe and feed on the plethora of seeds, nectar and insects that are abundant nearby. An Azure Kingfisher may even be spotted.

Self Guided Walks: Mt Barney Lodge has a number of self guided walks that can allow you to casually explore the area, whilst listening and sighting a wide variety of birds. Walk information can be provided when guests arrive at the Lodge.

Bird Twitching: ($10pp, minimum of 4). Join Tracey or Innes as they guide you around the property, sharing their local knowledge of birds, while you tick off different species as you see them. A great introduction to bird watching for the kids. Learn how to distinguish between male and female magpies, spot the spectacular King Parrot (pictured left), or you may even be lucky enough to see the rare and endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo!

You can see video of the Glossy Black Cockatoos of Mt Barney Lodge here.

If you are a keen bird watcher, ask for our complete list of birds at the Lodge, seen by staff and both professional and amateur bird watchers.

Download our bird list HERE.

Read about Barry Davies, a renowned bird watching guide and regular visitor to Mt Barney Lodge.

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