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Bird of the month

Mt Barney Lodge would like to introduce you our feature bird of the month:



The Pacific Black Duck is mostly mid-brown in colour, with each feather edged buff. The head pattern is characteristic, with a dark brown line through the eye, bordered with cream above and below and a dark brown crown. The upper wing colour is the same as the back, with a bright glossy green patch in the secondary flight feathers. The white underwing is conspicuous in flight. 

Where does it live? 

The Pacific Black Duck is found in all but the most arid regions of Australia. It prefers creeks, wet paddocks, ornamental lakes. 


Often, two broods will be raised in a year. The number of offspring produced may seem quite high, but only 20% of these will survive past two years of age..  It is quite amazing to see these little ducklings sheltering in the swiftly flowing creek, riding in an eddy under the shelter of some overhanging lomandras. The latest brood of 4 at Mt Barney Lodge have all survived into adulthood. Yay!! 

What does it eat?  

The Pacific Black Duck is mainly vegetarian, feeding on seeds of aquatic plants. This diet is supplemented with small crustaceans, molluscs and aquatic insects. Food is obtained by 'dabbling', where the bird plunges its head and neck underwater and upends, raising its rear end vertically out of the water. Occasionally, food is sought on land in damp grassy areas 

Where to see them on the property?  

This duck is commonly spotted at the creek at Mt Barney Lodge, and often wanders right up to Boolamoola Homestead, grazing on grass as it grows. They seem fairly tolerant of our guests, as long as a reasonable distance is kept, and there are no sudden movements.

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