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Reptiles at Mt Barney

Turtles, lizards, goannas and sometimes snakes... like most people, call Mt Barney Lodge one of their holiday destinations. Like the natural seasons, these reptiles are not here all the time…but when they are, if you are really quiet, you can sneak up and see them basking on rocks in the sun. Most reptiles quickly scurry away when they hear humans coming... so don’t be surprised if you don’t see then when you visit.

Reptiles at Mt Barney

Did you Know?

Unlike humans (who get their energy from the nutrients in food), reptiles get their energy from the sun’s heat. This is why in the winter months, you’ll see reptiles such as lizards lying on a rock (rocks capture and store heat really well) with their body flatter than normal. Lizards will flatten their body to maximize the amount of area the sun will hit….giving them more energy.