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Entries for January 2014

Staff Profile - Cameron Nichol

January 27, 2014 14:47 in General Mt Barney Lodge by Nea

You will be hard pushed to find anybody as passionate and dedicated about exploring the great outdoors, than Cam! Cameron has been working at the Lodge since 2010.  After finishing School in 2009 at Hillbrook, he realised that Outdoor Education was something he wanted to pursue as a job and lifestyle.  During a rock climbing camp at Mt...

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Best Job in the World - Elisa Detrez, Park Ranger

January 27, 2014 14:01 in News by Nea

Elisa Detrez has the ‘Best Job in the World’  - she is a “Park Ranger” in Queensland. Elisa was selected by Tourism Australia to work alongside experienced guides and tourism operators to explore Queensland’s natural attractions including the world’s oldest rainforest, the largest coral reef ...

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