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April 05, 2010 08:03 in Exploring Mt Barney Area by Stafford :: Article Rating

Exploring Mt Barney National Park

What a great hard day’s at work at Mt Barney Lodge. It’s not everyday that I get to go for a walk and check out a new abseil site in the middle of a world heritage national park. So this morning Innes and I decided to head into the lower portals and beyond into the wilderness!

With all the rain of late, the creeks are full and the waterfalls are running and everything is a stunning green! No longer that great Australian bush brown. So with light packs and some swimmers off we went, following the clear trails to the waterhole.

On the way over the ridgeline you get great views of the other side of Mt Barney and it’s various peaks including Bippoh, North, Leaning with Short Leaning and Long Leaning in the foreground.

After working up a sweat we jumped into the water at the lower portals, well more of a gingerly lower as the water is a little chilly!

Come and check it out!


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  • Exploring Mt Barney National Park
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