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Mt Barney Lodge goes Mobile!

When Innes and Tracey drove around Tasmania in summer 2012, they realized just how frustrating it was to try and research, and book accommodation while on the road from their iphone. Not only do bumpy roads make you carsick when you are trying to view a hand held device, but more often than not a link is mistakenly pushed, that takes you to a website where you don’t want to be.

They realized that guests planning to visit Mt Barney Lodge would be experiencing similar frustrations, as although the is content-rich, there is just TOO much information to access and digest from a smartphone.

Graham Day from Floating Images gave Tracey a great tip to try the creative input of Melissa Phillips of Amplify Media Solutions who recently designed his new mobile website for his hot air balloon company.

The Amplify Media Solutions motto is:

"If it frustrates you or involves a computer, we can help!"

We knew we were with the right person!!

Melissa rapidly built the new mobile-friendly website that automatically re-directs mobile devices to a new She quickly changed any glitches, and was responsive to requests to present images and information in alternate ways.

Mt Barney Lodge is really pleased with the result, and has no hesitation in recommending the IT services of Melissa and Amplify Media Solutions.

You be the judge too – check it out here and tell us what you think.

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  • Mt Barney Lodge goes Mobile!
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