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Beautiful Boolamoola Homestead

Set at the front of Mt Barney is an elegant Queenslander Homestead, who is like an elegant lady from the turn of the century. She is well turned out in cream, her palisade petticoats reach almost to the ground, and there is a flash of underskirts and glass hoops below. Trim of always-fashionable heritage red and green trim highlight the windowsills, filigree, handrail and banisters on the double staircase outside. Her green corrugated tin roof is coiffed in a perfect centre part with the chimney from the fireplace perched to the side, and remains unruffled by wind or weather.

She gazes expectantly at the adjacent Mt Barney and Mt Maroon peaks, as if she is waiting for them to escort her to a ball. Her name is Boolamoola Homestead, and the aboriginal meaning of this is “view of 2 peaks”.  Sometimes she is all alone, but often there are campers crouched like patient footmen who are also gazing at the view.

Campers are often tempted to slip onto the wraparound verandas to peek through the French doors at the colonial furnishings and honey coloured polished cyprus pine floors. The bold know that in the country, the back door is always open. When there are no guests booked into the house, they can slip inside and view the features that are unique to this house.

Although Boolamoola is a well known accommodation option at the Lodge, and many have enjoyed the comforts of the veranda, wood fireplace and draped bedrooms, very few people know the history of the building before it came to the Lodge.

Boolamoola is enjoying a true “treechange” at Mt Barney Lodge having spent many decades at Wynnum. It was moved to the Lodge in two pieces in the 90’s. The legacy of the salt air and moisture from the coast made it hard to believe at the time that the thirsty weathered timber could be restored into a house that was habitable again. 

These photos have been recently made available by John Larkin, who single-handedly did most of the restoration work to the building.

Not only is Boolamoola Ecofriendly, but it is family friendly and perfect for groups. These old houses have seen close to a century of children growing up in and around them, today’s kids are no different!! It is now set up to be self-contained with all the modern comforts of a modern day kitchen, and a gas BBQ with a hood in an outdoor and covered pergola is available for cooking as well.

Surround yourself in history, and enjoy some relaxation time in Boolamoola.


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  • Beautiful Boolamoola Homestead
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