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Staff Profile - Cameron Nichol

You will be hard pushed to find anybody as passionate and dedicated about exploring the great outdoors, than Cam!

Cameron has been working at the Lodge since 2010.  After finishing School in 2009 at Hillbrook, he realised that Outdoor Education was something he wanted to pursue as a job and lifestyle. 

During a rock climbing camp at Mt Barney Lodge in year 11, Cameron got to know Innes Larkin (owner of Mt Barney Lodge) and a little about the Lodge.  Once Cameron finished school he got in contact with Innes and offered to do some work experience to see what being on the other side of a school camp was all about.

A few months later after spending some time in New Zealand, Cameron started full time. Since then Cameron has developed his outdoor leading skills with Innes, as well as working through different courses.

Cameron is an extremely keen climber, and over the past 3 years has been developing his climbing abilities. So in 2013 he took a 3 month trip to North America to go climbing in Yosemite and Squamish which is well known in the climbing community for its challenging cliff faces and 'big walls'.

During his time in Yosemite he pushed his climbing to a whole new level by climbing a ‘big wall'!  It took 3 days and 3 nights sleeping on small ledges on the side of the cliff face.  As soon as he got back to Australia and started working at the Lodge again,  he has been planning more climbing adventures. The next, being a climbing trip to Mt Buffalo in Victoria to climb the Australian big wall classic "Ozymandais".

Cameron is a school camp favorite and regularly takes school groups and private groups climbing and abseiling on the rock faces around Mt Barney Lodge and loves sharing his knowledge and passion, teaching others to find out what climbing is all about!  

You may also have seen Cam leading the popular Kids Night Adventure, Bush Kids and Lantern Making activities at the Lodge, or an expedition up Mt Barney.

In his spare time, Cam will often 'run' up Mt Barney (QLD'S most impressive peak) for 'something to do' and is always exploring the surrounding area for new and challenging climbing experiences.

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  • Staff Profile - Cameron Nichol
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