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February 04, 2010 08:15 in News by Monica :: Article Rating

Helicopter Rescue
Its not every day you get to see a helicopter wreckage being transferred from the top of a mountain to the back of a truck!

On the 28th of January, 3 men from the ‘Chopperline Flight Training Company’ were involved in an unfortunate crash landing of a helicopter on Mt Barney. Don’t worry- the 3 men walked away uninjured! The wreckage had been on the East Peak of Mt Barney for nearly 7 days. The crew were around the mountain around the clock, stopping all movement on Mt Barney.

Hikers, Mt Barney National Park is now open and accessible.

Today, 4th of February 2010, the wreckage was retrieved! Along with the rescue team, media (channel 7 and channel 9 helicopters!!! How exciting), and nearby neighbours, all staff from our lodge were around watching this magnificent event!

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