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Plastic Bag Free March

Plastic Bag free March is a Queensland Conservation initiative to put the challenge to ALL Queenslanders, to not use single-use plastic shopping bags during the month of March and “Kick the plastic bag habit”

Did you know:

  • South Australia, the Northern Territory, Tasmania and the ACT are already plastic shopping bag free.
  • Australians use more than four billion plastic bags each year, that is 10 million plastic bags used each day.
  • Supermarkets account for 53% of plastic bag use; 47% come from other retail outlets.
  • Up to 80% of rubbish in the oceans comes straight from beaches and stormwater drains, most of this is plastic.
  • Plastic kills one million sea birds and 100,000 sea mammals each year.
  • The average plastic bag is used for about 12 minutes but takes up to 1000 years to break down.
  • The National Litter Index (NLI) released in August 2013 found that Queensland is the worst performing mainland State.
Plastic Bags - QLD'S HAD A GUTFUL

So what can YOU do?  (It’s really quite simple….)

  • Take reusable bags with you when you shop.
  • Buy products with little or no plastic packaging.
  • Cotton or canvas bags are a great alternative to plastic bags.
  • Support efforts to ban plastic bags.
  • Help out with coastal clean-up days.
  • Ask for re-usable boxes to carry your shopping.
  • Dispose of all waste sensibly

The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (WPSQ), with over 5,000 supporters and branches located throughout Queensland, is also partnering with Queensland Conservation in the fight to rid Queensland of single-use plastic bags.

Plastic Bag Free Queensland is committed to Queensland banning single-use plastic bags by 2015.

Queenslanders are being urged to participate in Plastic Bag Free March – to register visit

Rise to the challenge!!

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