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Earth Hour 2014

EARTH HOUR 29th March 2014

What is Earth Hour?

The conception of Earth Hour was originally founded by the World Wide Fund (WWF) in Sydney back in 2007, where it started with a lights-off event.  Since then it has grown world- wide where it is now embraced annually by over 7000 cities and 152 nations across the globe.

From an event that started as a simple 60 minutes with no lights, is now a global movement uniting people and communities to protect our planet and now symbolises the global pursuit of a better, healthier world.

On 29th March 2014, Earth Hour encourages individuals, businesses and governments to show leadership on environmental solutions through their actions, by simply turning off all non essential lights between 8.30pm and 9.30pm in your local time zone.

What can you do as an individual?

Simple! Turn your lights off for 60minutes in your home.

Not just your overhead lights in rooms, but you can turn off outdoor lights that do not impact on safety, turn off computers, decorative lights, televisions, desk lamps and anything that emits a light!

Of course, there are some that should not be turned off for safety reasons such as security lights and safety lights.

Before you turn off any lights use common sense with respect to safety. Keep small night lights on for basic safety especially in halls and on stairs. Make sure you have alternative light sources ready, like torches or flashlights.  So if you need to, you have a light source close at hand, and you can still respect the spirit of Earth Hour and keep yourself and your family safe.

What will Mt Barney Lodge be doing?

We will be turning off all non essential lights and computers. We will also be encouraging all our guests staying in the Homesteads, Huts and camper trailers to take full advantage of the wilderness at night and enjoy the experience of peace and tranquility while gazing upon billions of stars in the night sky.

What else can I do?

Learn more, become involved and inspire others!

Don't want to stay at home?  Go camping!


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