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Life on the Green Road

Mt Barney was the very first “Life on the Green Road” destination, and it was a pleasure to meet Katie Bennett and her lovely family as they set off to “live” a unique travel story around Australia.


This was the perfect partnership between Our Planet Travel, and the Advanced Ecotourism reputation of Mt Barney Lodge.




With her family, Katie Bennett will visit and discover inspiring eco places and people   And we can stay in our armchairs and follow  her journey as Katie shares images and stories about the places and people they meet along the way.  These stories will be about people that share the same passion for maintaining their ‘patch of green road’ – with visually stunning and environmentally-focused images.

Katie loves using imagery to create awareness about issues, or life in general, as a way to connect and share information. She has a real talent for creating amazing photographs with a unique and creative style – capturing the real ‘heart’ of the experience.

Katie is passionate about traveling , protecting the environment, sustainability, and stunning photography. It makes perfect sense for Our Planet Travel to send an amazing photographer and her family on an amazing journey around Australia.

Recently they enjoyed staying in Foresters Hut at Mt Barney Lodge) for the open fireplace, mountain views and tree climbing opportunities.





 Innes took the kids on the classic Kids Night Adventure activity and showed them how we make damper ‘Mt Barney Lodge style’ – from finding the perfect toasting stick, to sanding it smooth with Sandpaper Fig leaves collected along the way, and tips for making a world-class damper over the fire. The stars were really amazing that night!!

Why green travel is good… 

Holiday choices have a direct impact on the environment – therefore  travelling sustainably becomes a lifestyle choice, just like recycling, using energy efficient lighting, or saving water.   

Our Planet Travel aims to bring attention to the places and people who are passionate about their ‘green’ tourism experience, and show the public where and how their ‘tourism dollars’ can make a real difference here in Australia. 

‘Life on the green road’ promotes responsible and sustainable tourism, ecotourism, Indigenous and volunteer tourism.  Our Planet Travel  will be focusing on stories and images with an underlying theme of preservation of our environment for the enjoyment and wellbeing of future generations.

The tourism dollar in Australia is worth $42.3 billion (GDP, 2013) - one of Australia’s largest industries; and provides jobs for over 543,000 people. Together we can make a difference if we make the right decisions – and encourage others to do the same thing. Let’s lead by example and travel smarter!  

Come along for the ride!


We’re passionate about responsible travel and the environment. Our Planet Travel is a brilliant magazine and website all about how to tread lightly while exploring our world. Fantastic competitions and prizes to win! 

The current edition includes inspiring stories about volunteering projects, eco hotels, kayak and reef adventures in Australia; and destinations including India, Cambodia, Jordan & China. 

“We love our planet, and want to share our stories about eco travel experiences, people and places with you. Please join us and help promote sustainable travel experiences. We only have one Earth, so let’s treat it with respect before it’s too late.” – Melanie Grevis-James, manager, Our Planet Travel.

You can also follow Our Planet Travel's ‘life on the green road’ eco travel stories on and - to check out beautiful photos all featuring environmentally-friendly travel spots. This unique online adventure follows the personal stories and images of professional photographer Katie Bennett, and her family, as they travel around Australia in their sustainable camper-trailer uncovering people, places, and projects - all with a passion to protect our environment.

Take a look >>

Note: the magazine is available for free - view online on the website.

Melanie Grevis-James – Our Planet Travel, and
Katie Bennett – One Big Island Photography

Images courtesy © Katie Bennett

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Thanks Tracey & Innes! We love the story in your newsletter! So glad MBL is on the same wavelength as us & promoting sustainable travel for a better future for our environment - and for our kids! Katie's photos are beautiful! :)

Friday, June 20, 2014 6:55 PM

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