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Wilderness First Aid
On the 14th- 20th of January I had the opportunity to participate in the Equip Wilderness First Aid Course. This First Aid Course is designed to teach the first aid treatments needed for wilderness survival in rural areas.

This event is held at Mt Barney Lodge (which is located within the Scenic Rim) yearly. Not only do we hold the complete 7 day first aid course, we also hold the 3 day re-certification course which is held on the 10th- 12th of January.

All our outdoor education staff are fully qualified and have been through this brilliant wilderness first aid course. There are now a total of 6 staff at Mt Barney Lodge who have been through this Wilderness Course. And with only having a team of 8 working at the lodge…i’d say we are doing pretty well!

The 7 day course is full on! Starting at 8am and finishing at 5pm every day. There was even a day which we finished at 12 midnight! But it was well worth it. Very informative, yet lots of fun! Our Lodge is the perfect event venue for this wilderness experience. The food was perfect, the trainers were great and the hosts were lovely! : ) Our lodge even offers a function room/ conference room, of which was a great meeting venue.

Below are a few photos of a scenario of which we were to complete.

At the end of this course participants come out with their Wilderness First Aid Certificate as well as their CPR Certification…

Congratulations Wilderness First Aiders!

See you all in 3 years for the re-cert!


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