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Hiking Tips
Whatever your hiking plans this summer, here are a few pointers to ensure a safe and comfortable stay:

• Always tell someone when you are going, when you are going to be back and which way you plan on going up and coming back down (DON’T change plans mid-way).
• Hat, sunnies, sunscreen, long sleeved shirt and leave as early as possible.
• Lots of water! at least 2-4 litres.
• Food for energy is important. Always assume you may be caught out. Carry some spare rations for yourself and possibly others.
• Safety equipment – first aid kit, matches for signalling, mobile phone, map and compass (only if you can use them!)
• Gear to have a comfortable experience in a variety of unplanned conditions: lightweight fly, headtorch, thermals (they don’t weigh much but you’ll be glad you have them when the wind chill factor whips up!), waterproof layer
• Take friends – three people hiking together is the absolute minimum – if there are any problems, one can go for help, while one person stays with the one in difficulty .. and stay together!

Hope you enjoy your summer experience with us, stay comfortable and safe, and see the World-Heritage National Park in all its unique seasons.

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  • Hiking Tips
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