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Great Aussie Camp Out Weekend

What a great turnout we received with the Great Aussie Camp Out (GACO) Weekend!

This year was the first time GACO was launched, and what fun we had. This event was designed to get kids outdoors and active just once a year and roughing it under the stars, and this year it was on the 17th of April 2010.

We had heaps of activities such as Permaculture planting, Bird Watching, Rock Climbing, Kids Night Adventures and my personal favourite: The Creek Eco Boat Race. These activities were not just for the kids, I saw PLENTY of parents and relatives ’help’ make the boats for the boat race.

Creek to Coast even came out to our Lodge to film for the weekend. Was very exciting! This episode will be shown on channel 7, at 5pm on the 22nd of May 2010.

Below are some photos of the boat race that took place.


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  • Great Aussie Camp Out Weekend
  • Great Aussie Camp Out Weekend
  • Great Aussie Camp Out Weekend
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