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Picnic  Under The Stars at Mt Barney Lodge

The spring star-studded sky and Mt Barney massif will be the perfect backdrop for “Picnic Under The Stars” at Mt Barney Lodge. This is a free community event held at Mt Barney Lodge each year, and forms part of the Birdweek activities. It starts at 4pm on Friday 10th September, and it is a family-friendly event. Picnic’ers are invited to come either just for the evening, or think about pitching a tent overnight, as the Lodge is just over an hour from Ipswich. Click here for information on our SPECIAL camping package.

National Threatened Species Week is on September 7 each year, and so the event will have a strong conservation message, as well as being alot of fun!!  Mt Barney Lodge has also woven this theme through the 4-day Birdweek program – there will be workshops and birdwalks featuring local threatened birds – including the Glossy Black Cockatoo and Eastern Bristlebird.

“Picnic Under The Stars” will start with a range of kid-friendly activities like recycled lantern making, a kids bird twitch (speed bird watching!), and group games. Just after dusk the kids will take their creations and form a lantern parade down to where the special family fire event will take place.

The centrepiece is a large scale 2D picture woven with bamboo to represent the local endangered birds. The Griffith University Arts students will have been working hard beforehand in classes at uni, and all day at Mt Barney Lodge to create this impressive sculpture. As part of a multi-media presentation that includes a huge outdoor projector screen, sound and music, the sculpture will be burnt to illustrate the ongoing permanent loss of birdlife as urban development blazes its’ way through the fragments of  trees and bush that are left, that the birds are relying on for food and nesting.  Some really powerful and relevant digital artwork by Chris Jordan will be woven into this message.

As this is a “picnic” event, feel free to bring your own hamper and a blanket, and DIY. There will be gourmet picnic hampers available for sale, and these need to be booked in advance. Local wine from Barney Creek Vineyard Cottages will also be available for sale. Please note this is a disposable water bottle-free event in line with the conservation message we bring you on the night. Please bring your own reusable bottle, as tap water is free and readily available!

Everyone is invited to stay on and enjoy the embers of the bonfire and listen to some acoustic music in a great outdoors setting. The reverberation off the surrounding volcanic mountains is all the amplification needed! There is a Glossy Black Cockatoo workshop the next day, which is sponsored through Scenic Rim Council environment grant to LACA, hand hosted free-of-charge by Mt Barney Lodge.

 The “Picnic Under The Stars” event is possible with the creative input by Griffith University students and Arts Department, and with the generous publicity support of the Beaudesert Times.

For more information, camping and hamper bookings:

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  • Picnic  Under The Stars at Mt Barney Lodge
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