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Climbing Mt Barney

Blog by Rob Packer of Radiant Glory Photography

Climbing Mt Barney 21st June 2010

Mt Barney- Radiant Glory Photography

The South East corner of Queensland has some significant wilderness areas that are protected as National Parks. A number of the mountains in the area are significant by Australian standards in terms of their height. Located in the Scenic Rim region less than two hours from Brisbane Mt. Barney is a popular and challenging climb. In all there are about twenty different routes up the various peaks. The higest point is the Western Peak at 1354 metres, followed by the more popular Eastern Peak at 1351 metres. From the Eastern Peak you get a sweeping panorama of the area, including vistas of Mt. Lindsay, Cunningham's Gap and Mt. Warning. 

The group- Radiant Glory Photography One of ther many rest breaks-Radiant Glory Photography

For the four years I've lived in Beaudesert one of my goals has been to climb Mt. Barney. On Saturday some of the folk from church joined another group to make the attempt. We had chosen the Southern route, the so called "Peasant's Route". It is the 'easiest' track up the mountain. Climbing Mt. Barney should never be called easy.

Looking past Mt Ernest towards Mt Lindesay- Radiant Glory Photography Looking over Mt Ernest towards Mt Barney- Radiant Glory Photography

The Climb

We set off at 7:30 am on one of the shortest days of the year. For the first four kilometres the track is flat and wide and we made good progress. After diverting off the general track onto the Southern Route we began the ascent. This slow, steady climb was a challenge for most that stretched the lungs and warmed the leg muscles. We had frequent, short rest breaks. They always seemed to be too short and not often enough.

However, the views were spectacular. As we gained height we began to see over the nieghbouring ranges to the peaks beyond.
Eventually we made it to the saddle. This is the relatively flat area between the Eastern and Western peaks. Once there we still had some serious climbing to do.

Resting at the saddle- Radiant Glory Photography Halfway up from the saddle- Radiant Glory Photography

Eventually we made it to the top. I was nowhere near the first to arrive, largely because of the camera gear I was carrying. The views from the top were spectacular! Soon we had to make the long descent. This was not much easier than the climb. Because of the short day, and the less than peak condition of the group, we arrived back at the carpark in the dark. Thankfully some of us had thought to bring torches.

Despite some sore muscles this was a great trip. With a bit more training I'd like to do it again. Next time an overnighter would be my aim.
This is the 360 degree panorama from the top. Well worth the effort.The view from the top- Radiant Glory Photography

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