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Birdweek 2010 overview

Mt Barney Lodge recently welcomed 16 participants to the 2nd annual Mt Barney Lodge Birdweek. Birdweek was held during National Threatened Species week, and so there was a focus on the local species that are struggling, with an opportunity to view the birds in their natural habitat, and workshops to address what can be actively done for conservation and assist their population recovery. 





One of the borderline threatened species that is a favourite to watch at Mt Barney Lodge is the Grey Crowned Babbler. Babblers have an inter-dependent family structure and complex behaviours to look after the family unit. The resident family group at Mt Barney Lodge thoughtfully landed outside the function room during Margaret Camerons’ presentation and research findings on Grey Crowned Babblers – making observation of their behaviours easy.

The other significant threatened species at Mt Barney Lodge is the Glossy Black Cockatoo. They have observed feeding on the property for 3 weeks leading up to Birdweek, and some of the participants first impression was of these magnificent birds gliding overhead on the way down to sunset drinkies at the creek. There was an initial flurry of excitement and binocular fumbling, but as Birdweek progressed, it was obvious that this bird could be observed quite easily in their preferred food tree for about six hours each day!! Of course, they were predictably absent during the field walk component of the LACA (Logan and Albert Conservation Association) Glossy Black Cockatoo Workshop.


They were not entirely absent, however, as during the workshop presentation by Dr. Guy Castley from Griffith University, their calls were heard overhead. The workshop was a lead-in to the Glossy Black Cockatoo survey which will be held with the help of volunteers on Sunday 31st October. This will be from the Sunshine Coast to Byron, and out to the western border of the Scenic Rim region. More volunteers are still urgently required, so please register your interest with Mt Barney Lodge.


Seeing an exciting bird is always better backed up with a really good photo. Fortunately, Michael Snedic  from Trekabout Photography  was on hand to give Birdweek participants a practical workshop with valuable advice and techniques on how to take better bird photos in the field.

Birdweek was a great success, and we already look forwards to doing it all again in September 2011!!

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  • Birdweek 2010 overview
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