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Dear friends of Mt Barney Lodge,

Innes and I very much need your active support to protect the Mt Barney valley from a proposed industrial helicopter landing pad.


Development Application  Number: MC.Bd211/00014
Application Type: Material Change of Use - Beaudesert Planning Scheme
Proposal: Industry - General (Industrial Use)
Location: "Wattleview" 19 Pine Vale Rd and 11656 Mt Lindesay Highway PALEN CREEK QLD 4287
RPD: Lot 20  SP 238081


The background information on this is there is an application before The Scenic Rim Regional Council for a Material Change of Use from a rural zoned lot to be changed to general industrial use to allow the proposed landing pad development to go ahead.


The proposed helicopter landing pad is in the Mt Lindesay valley. This is on the other side of Mt Gilles, which is behind Mt Barney Lodge.


Our areas of concern are:

  • The conflict with the existing tourism industry. There are 8 successful tourism operators in the Mt Barney precinct who are contributors to a healthy local living economy. As the unspoilt environment here is huge reason tourists choose to come to visit the Scenic Rim, this proposal threatens the key strength/or unique selling proposition of this region
  • The impact on World Heritage-listed Mt Barney National Park. Mt Gilles is part of the bigger Mt Barney National Park, and the proposed helicopter approach/departure path is proposed to go over and adjacent to Mt Gilles. This is a region of NATIONAL significance, and this is incompatible with the proposed industrial helicopter pad. * see more supporting info below
  • The number and frequency of flights proposed. The request is for “an average of 6 movements per day in any calendar month". That means he is asking for the right to do (for example) 18 movements per day for 10 days per month to give an average of 6 movements per day in a month.

We are hoping each of you who love to holiday here at Mt Barney Lodge can do 2 things:

1.       Write a letter to The Scenic Rim Regional Council explaining:

o   why you like to holiday in this region

o    details (e.g. how long you have come here, number of people you have come here with, dollar spend in this region )

o   What allowing flights would do to your planned stay (come less often, goto another shire with no noise etc)

2.       Tell your friends!!! Email and facebook them, and make this go viral!!!



All letters to Council must be received by July 7th , and must be signed, dated and have an address to be valid.

Thank you for reading this in your busy day, and thank you for helping us protect our wilderness heritage for all to share.

kind regards




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I think there is nothing wrong with Mr John Bell have the helicopter pad and feather more it will not impact on the environment at all.


Monday, June 27, 2011 4:10 PM

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