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Protestors on Peaks
The wave is building...
Protestors on Peaks has achieved its first mission -

mainstream media preview coverage

the main event is THIS Sunday Oct 16

We need your help to hold a banner for this unique media helicopter fly-over, to help stop coal or coal seam gas mining impacting on our lives

We need a sea of banners everywhere: 5 people around 20 banners is better than 100 people around one banner, so get creative with your old sheets, a tin of paint or even try spray-paint to write your message and nominate your banner's spot!

What's it all about?
Protestors on Peaks is a unique media event to showcase our spectacular name-sake mountains and our agricultural heritage and to show our united opposition to the threatened industrialisation, which comes with large-scale modern mining methods and coal seam gas. Strong community resistance is needed to stop coal and gas company exploration activities progressing to full-scale production, or we risk the same fate as Queensland's Darling Downs, the Hunter Valley and other heavily mined areas around Australia and the world.

Also at risk is our underground water: the coal seam gas industry acknowledges it cannot guarantee it will not contaminate supplies or affect water levels. This has already occurred on Queensland's Darling Downs.

How will we do it?
We need banners everywhere! As part of a preview story with Channel Seven, we trialled dropping our big banner over Mt French - a complicated exercise with abseilers. Click here to watch Channel Seven's news story

In reality, most banners are much easier. For the main event, this Sunday October 16, we mostly need lots of people to hold banners skyward - either on peaks, on lookouts, in paddocks or just laid out in back yards. Banners must be visible, from the air, between 11am and 12 midday. 

Our event is part of a national day of action:  at the same time as our fly-over,  thousands of other concerned farmers and landholders will also be rallying in Brisbane and across Australia to oppose coal seam gas and coal mines and their potentially devastating impact on above and underground water supplies; as well as the destruction of good farming land, the threat to existing jobs - including tourism and on-farm, reduction in land values and loss of life-style.
After all, who wants to live or holiday in a gas land?

How can you help make Protestors on Peaks Spectacular?

It's simple: get creative, spread the word and make sure we have lots of banners on peaks, lookouts, ovals, in paddocks and even back yards,
so ...
* gather a group of family and friends
* make a banner if you can
* choose a location (from the list below) or create your own
* make sure you REGISTER with us, so we can tell the helicopter pilots and other media where to find your banner
* be in place between 11am and 12 midday to WAVE to the helicopters - our yellow 'Lock the Gate' triangle signs are good for this

* watch the news that night to see if you can spot yourself and your banner - and don't forget the newspapers



Register at: or 07 5544 3233

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