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Light Painting Photography

Exploring Photography at Mount Barney. 

In the last weekend of April, Boolamoola Homestead was again transformed into a high-tech photo lab for Foto Frenzy Photography Centre’s regular workshop “Exploring Photography at Mount Barney”.

Participants live and breath the capture, processing and printing of their photographs over the two nights they’re based at Mount Barney Lodge–developing their style and pushing their creative boundaries.

The mountain always proves to be participants’ constant friend and some amazing images were produced over the weekend. On this occasion Foto Frenzy were able to secure photo-artist duo Cooper+Spowart as guest tutors. Vicky and Doug’s presence adding a new dimension in addition to the regular program of landscape photography, with their creative flair manifesting itself with a collaborative photo effort that transformed Moringararah Homestead.

Painting with flash light and projection is a photographic technique in which many exposures are combined to make a final image. Each combination can convey a different perception or story about the place photographed. In the painting with light work that we did at the Moringararah Homestead: we projected a dawn image of Mt Barney over the front of the house, put the lights on inside the house which combined well with an ambient moonlight light exposure, then additional flash work illuminated aspects of the garden surrounding the house. Other images projected on the house included a portrait of photographer Darren Jew in action with his students.

Victoria Cooper and Doug Spowart were the artists involved with this aspect of the workshop. They also created a camera obscura in one of the Mount Barney Lodge buildings and assisted students making pinhole photographs for World Pinhole Photography Day. Other examples of the work of Vicky and Doug can be found on their website

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  • Light Painting Photography
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