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Back to School

Plan for an “A” experience.

What will your child write in their back-to-school activity “What I did on my holiday” ??

Mums and Dads have just a few days left to make the most of the return of ideal camping weather before school starts. Nothing could be easier than heading 90 minutes down the road from Brisbane to Mt Barney Lodge to have a complete tree-change from the city for just a few days.

The recent rain has made way for squeaky-clean mountains, a racing creek perfect for boatracing and plenty of space and fresh air to shake the recent rainy day “sillies” off!!

The final week of the school holidays is packed with activities for kids to take part in. 5-13 year olds can join Kids Night Adventure, Lantern Making and Bushkids. Older Kids will be challenged by the Beginners Rockclimbing and Mt Maroon Expedition. There is no reason older kids (the adults!!) can’t join them for a hike or a climb ... unless they would prefer a half day next to the campfire practicing their damper making and billy boiling skills!!

Bookings are essential for the activities and camping. Day visitors are also welcome.


Imagine the kids writing the classic back-to-school essay ... “What I did on my holiday” ??

Could they tell a great story yet?

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  • Back to School
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