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EKKA Getaway

Would you rather find yourself in busy Brisbane or take advantage of the bonus show holiday to get out of town during Ekka time?

Brisbane’s annual show is coming to town for the 8th to the 17th of August, with a public holiday on the Wednesday 14th.  What better time to take advantage of the peace and tranquillity of this beautiful area!

 “Ekka weather” is often cool with gusty southerly winds.  Fortunately this type of weather usually means fine and crisp winter conditions – perfect for camping, campfires and climbing the many peaks around Mt Barney Lodge!  

The Catholic Bushwalking club holds a mass at 12.45pm at the traditional Mass Site located 15 minutes from the old Uni hut site on top of Mt Barney every year – it will be the 53rd time this will be held in 2013. There will be many different groups, ascending by many different ridges of Mt Barney, so this planned event can make the tracks and ridges busier than normal.  Mid-week  can be very quiet on the many trails and other peaks in the area.

The Outdoor Leaders at Mt Barney Lodge are on hand to run any of the CREATE Activities  – Children’s Recreational and Eco Activities That Educate – a minimum of 4 participants per activity is all that is needed to ensure there are minimum numbers for these activities can go ahead. The Kids Night Adventure continues to be THE most popular activity, flowed by Lantern Making and Bushkids (CREATE Activities). Older kids (and adults!) who are 13+ may want to give rockclimbing a try on the natural cliffs behind the Lodge.  Make sure you book well in advance so that we can ensure that the leaders are available on the day.

**EKKA SPECIAL – every child who camps at Mt Barney Lodge at EKKA time during the week receives a FREE “Make your own damper” SAMPLE BAG. This includes the ingredient kit for damper and a secret Mt Barney Lodge recipe sheet, stickers and discounts**

Will you be planning to scoff a big bag of lollies this Ekka time, or treat yourself to a unique country getaway?

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  • EKKA Getaway
  • EKKA Getaway
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