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10 simple tips - Camping Etiquette!

Love getting outdoors?  Love to get away from the “rat race”?  Love camping?

You have arrived to the point where you have convinced your family how important 'family time' is, you FINALLY drag ALL your camping gear out of the shed, torn the kids away from the play station, packed the car and headed towards the country…

You finally pull up at your favourite camping spot, set up your ‘canvas village’, reminding your family to appreciate the scenery, smell the fresh air and enjoy the peace and quiet. You park you chairs around the campfire, determined to relax and enjoy your well deserved weekend away.   

Sounds familiar? 

Because  this is how your camping trip SHOULD be! 

But occasionally little annoyances can ruin your well planned camping weekend, with you vowing to sell all your camping gear on Gumtree, and to never venture to the country side again!

With just 10 simple rules; we like to call “camping etiquette”, these unfortunate circumstances can easily be avoided.  

1.       Don’t set up camp too close to other campers without asking.  You went camping to get away from the rat race remember! If there is space, why not use it!

2.       Greet your camping neighbours as soon as you arrive. Don’t be too friendly, just a polite ‘hello, it’s a lovely day’ for example, is all that is needed. Be friendly to everyone you come across.  Many life long friendships have started in a campground!

3.       Walk around, (not through!) other people’s campsites. It is their home. After all – you wouldn’t walk through their hotel room!

4.       Just because you love your children, not everyone else will!  Be sure they don’t run through other people’s camp sites and ensure their screams of delight of exploring the great outdoors is limited to the day time!

5.       Noise travels at night, so any late night gatherings around the campfire need to be toned down after 9pm.  Not everyone loves Black Sabbath, Elton John or the sound of your own crooning voice! Be respectful of your fellow campers, they may be planning an early start to climb the mountain, and may decide on ‘revengeful plastic bag rustling’ at the crack of dawn!

6.       Build campfires in designated fire places.  Do not create new ones. It takes many months for the grass to regenerate, and we’d rather you relax and watch the existing grass grow!

7.       No firewood?   BYO or buy it on your way, or at the office.  Don’t chop down trees or chop off branches. This can make for very grumpy farmers and land owners. Unattended "firewood" may be earmarked for fence posts or building materials.

8.       Leave the campground facilities and amenities as your find them!  Put your rubbish in the bins provided; don’t forget to take your soap and underwear with you when you leave the showers!   Take your broken camping equipment with you and get a refund!

9.       Walk to the amenities block or office!  Don’t drive!  After all,  didn’t you want to get away from “all that traffic”?  If the amenities block is too far away, then camp closer!!

10.   Do not take anything that does not belong to you and this includes ALL THE ROLLS OF TOILET PAPER from the amenities!!  Things like plugs, hoses, and toilet paper is provided for every ones comfort and convenience. Lost property returned to the office has a better chance of finding it’s owner, than the alternative of living on a fencepost.  Most people won’t claim their underwear when displayed in this public way, and anything more valuable maybe taken home by others as a “find”.

By following these simple 10 unwritten rules of camping etiquette will ensure everyone has a memorable camping experience for all the right reasons!


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  • 10 simple tips - Camping Etiquette!
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Camping is a good way of relaxing. Staying away from gadgets, work stuff, chaos, etc. is the perfect way to spend more time with the family.

Thursday, May 15, 2014 6:30 PM

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