Top 10 Peaks in the Scenic Rim

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The Scenic Rim is blessed with world class hiking trails and peaks in such abundance, it can be a little overwhelming. With our 20 years of knowledge as the local experts on the Mt Barney National Park, we have put together a list of our top 10 peaks in the Scenic Rim.


A few pieces of advice before tackling these peaks.

Know your limits.

Start small and build up to the bigger challenges. Go with a more experienced friend or a qualified guide (did you know we have excellent experienced Outdoor Leaders at Mt Barney Lodge). See all of our guided walking options here. You will need these additional skills for many of the harder walks listed below.

Invest in your navigation skills.

Relying on GPS mobile apps for your navigation is a risky game to play. Knowing how to use a map and compass are essential in tackling some of the larger endeavours on this list. We run 3-day navigation courses which will get you confident in your ability to plan your own off-track adventures.

Do your research.

Know your hike and get a map for the area. This Queensland Parks page has some excellent advice and get familiar with Leave No Trace Principles. Ensure you check the Parks alerts when planning your day out, as it is quite inconvenient to turn up to the start of a walk and find it closed!


The peaks – from easiest to hardest.

If you have just started bushwalking and have limited navigation skills or fitness, these peaks are the perfect starting point. These mountains have gentle gradients and well-defined tracks.

Bare Rock looking north along Main Range.



6.4km return 1.5 – 2.5 hours
Elevation gain: 300m
Mt Cordeaux is popular, and for good reason! Lush subtropical rainforest, gentle gradients and sweeping views are the selling points of this one. It’s worth adding the few extra kms in to visit Bare Rock where you will get beautiful views of Main Range.



10.2km return 2.5 – 3.5 hours.
Elevation gain: 400m
Just across the road from Mount Cordeaux is Mount Mitchell which boasts views that are hard to beat. Experience the best of the Australian bush with rich subtropical rainforest down low and montane heath near the top. Koalas are also regularly spotted along this trail so keep your eyes peeled.



9.7km return 3 – 3.5 hours.
Elevation gain: 400m
This circuit has it all. Lush subtropical rainforest, classic Australian eucalypt forest, excellent views, and rich history. There are some narrow sections of trail requiring care. Be guided by local experts by joining our Low Mountain Fit, as this is one of our 3 walks in the series. Hot tip, do this circuit anticlockwise.



4km return 4.5 – 5.5 hours return
Elevation gain: 540m
A well-defined trail and a fun razorback, it is well worth the outing. Flinders Peak also seems to be the centre of the Scenic Rim. The steep trail will get your heart pumping and get you ready for some bigger challenges. Some scrambling required. And just an hour from Brisbane, what isn’t there to like?


Intermediate outings.

The following mountains will require a reasonable level of fitness and navigational skills. Ensure you know how to read a topo map and are confident in your bushwalking skills.

Sunset on Mt Maroon (Credit: Ryan Siacci)



Approx 6km return (dependant on route) 3.5 – 4.5 hours return
Elevation gain: 500m
A well-known favourite, and it one we guide often. Ascending Palm or Waterfall Gorge keeps you cool and will make you feel like you’re in another world. South-East ridge is an excellent descent route for the views. Whilst there is a track, people get lost here regularly so make sure you plan your route and have an experienced friend or guide with you if you’re not confident in your navigation skills.



5km return 3-4 hours
Elevation gain: 500m
A unique peak in the area. Large boulders, caves and scrambling is found in abundance here. After the bushfires, there isn’t much of a track so it’s worth going with a guide or have confidence in your navigation skills. This hike also crosses private property so make sure you register at the office at Mt Barney Lodge.  A day visitor charge will apply is you are not a current guest of Mt Barney Lodge. You can come with us on a family-friendly adventure scramble or be guided to the summit.



6km return 4 5 hours return
Elevation gain: 650m
One of the best peaks in the area. A well-defined track simplifies the navigational requirements, leaving you to focus on how fast your heart is going! A long, steep ascent brings you to a roomy summit with phenomenal 360-degree views. Tackle this mountain at night with our unique guided Moonrise on Maroon expeditions.


Peaks for the seasoned bushwalkers.

These peaks require a high level of fitness and proficiency in off track navigation is required for every one of these peaks. There have been hundreds of rescues over the years so to avoid that drama, we highly suggest going with a guide.

Mount Barney (Credit: Andrew Peacock).



12km return 7-9 hours
Elevation gain: 800m
Supurb-us NOT Super-bus! Mt Superbus is the highest peak in South-East Queensland and a feather in the cap for all aspiring peak baggers. Whilst it doesn’t have views at the summit, there is some fascinating history to be found at the Lincoln bomber, a wreck more intact than the Stinson Wreck. You will need to be confident in your ability to navigate off track in dense rainforest, as there is no distinct track.



20km return 8-10 hours
Elevation gain: 1200m
The Mt Ernest traverse is a fantastic off-track circuit that involves significant elevation gain and a stunning traverse along the ‘Organ Pipes’ of rhyolite columns. From here, great views of Mt Barney are found. Excellent navigation and route-finding skills are required as there is no track.


     10.  MT BARNEY

17km return 8-10 hours
Elevation gain: 1200m
The most spectacular peak in South-east Queensland and a serious undertaking. Mount Barney lives up to its reputation of being a hard and gruelling day. With 1300m of elevation gain, you will earn the phenomenal views. Up South-East Ridge and down Peasant’s is the most popular route but don’t be deceived by the name, there are few track markers and good navigation and a high level of fitness is essential. Mt Barney Lodge guides several different ascent routes up to the summit of Mt Barney, including SE, North, Logans and Eagles Ridge.


Interested in developing your mountain experience? We have navigation courses, mountain fit programs and guided expeditions with qualified and experienced guides to help you reach those bigger peaks.



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